Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Some Rocky Mountain Critters. some big some small . ( and some in uniform)

  Elk everywhere : Excited by our first serious encounter with Elk, we drove back to have another look. It was at this point we pulled over to let through a fast moving  Sheriffs car (obviously on an emergency). Much to our dismay it was us  he was after. ..... Apparently even if  there is no other traffic  within 10 miles of you, STOP MEANS STOP. Linda had inadvertantly gone through a stop sign. Much grovelling on a mega scale ensued as a frustrated cop muttering about  'bloody English'  got back in his car & drove off. 



                                                                                                            More good shots by Linda

of The Clark’s Nutcracker. It has a special pouch under its tongue in which it carries pine seeds long distances to cache them. Depending upon the species of pine seed, this pouch will hold from 28 and 90 seeds. A group of nutcrackers has many collective nouns, including a "ballet", "booby", "jar", and "suite" of nutcrackers

check this out in full size

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