Monday, 14 December 2009


The City of Cheyenne had its beginning in 1867, when the Union Pacific Railroad came through on its way to the west coast. The town was named for an Indian tribe that roamed the area the largest family of Indians on the North American Continent). Settlement came so fast that the nickname "Magic City of the Plains" was adopted.

   Main Street with Capital Building centre.

Driving through Cheyenne

 Union Pacific Train Station & Museum

It turns out that these boots are all over the state, with most of them in Cheyenne, the capitol city. Artists are asked to paint them so that each one is unique. It's a cool idea that other cities have done with other objects,

The Huge Wrangler store by the Square



A replica of the Liberty Bell at the state capital building

Even in retirement, Old Number 4004 remains an imposing sight.  The world's largest steam locomotive, this powerful coal-fired engine was designed to pull a 3600-ton train over steep grades between Cheyenne, WY and Ogden, Utah.  The 4004 is one of the eight remaining Big Boys on display throughout the country.

'BIG BOY' and train 


Enjoyed a couple of Buds at the 'Eagle's Nest' accross the road from our Motel

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