Sunday, 29 November 2009

IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN OLD WESTERN GHOST TOWNS THEN SKIP THIS NEXT SECTION.Montana's best-preserved ghost town" was never built to last. Garnet, Montana began as a humble gold-mining camp deep within the Garnet Range, but by January 1898 the town had boomed to 1,000 residents, a school with 40 students and a healthy variety of businesses, including a candy and cigar shop, a Chinese laundry, & various Saloon bars

An old disused  Logging truck

Davey's General Store

Don't know why I'm smiling they had no beer !

Inside Davey's Store

old iron ore mining carts

The reply to my question regarding the winch : The winch in your picture would have been used with a head rig (large wooden timber frame over a mine shaft) to hoist ore and mining equipment up and down a deep, vertical mine shaft. It was originally from the Londondary Mine and while not original to Garnet, is representative of the equipment utilized at large mines in the Garnet area such as the Nancy Hanks. I have attached a photo of the Nancy Hanks which shows the head rig. The winch would have been located inside the attached building.

WOT'S THIS ON OUR WINDSCREEN ? (Luckily on theOutside)                                                    

Garnet in it's hey day

 panoramic View

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